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Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Program

All youth must register with the American Indian Clubhouse, and is open to youth ages 8-18. Younger archers may join if a sibling is already on the team or they can demonstrate the ability to pull back a bow safety.

Adult Archery Program - The "WBs"

Our adult program starts at age 18. Anyone is invited to join our club. Basic equipment and coaching are provided at no cost. Any member may participate in Club hosted activities, but if you would like to compete at USA Archery sanctioned events, then you will also need a USA Archery membership.

The Team

Staff profile

Keith Vielle

Role: Cultural Advisor (Level 1)
Email: strikesnear@yahoo.com

Staff profile

Ramon Enriquez

Role: Club Administrator (Level 3)
Email: renriquez@uaii.org

Staff profile

Nolan Eskeets

Role: Head Coach (Level 2)
Email: neskeets@uaii.org

Staff profile

Brandon Silva

Role: Level 1 Coach
Email: bsilva@uaii.org

Staff profile

Sara Vielmas

Role: Level 1 Coach
Email: svielmas@uaii.org

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